Information about Parauta

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Parauta is a town in the Serranía de Ronda, of Arabic origins, with approximately 300 inhabitants. It is located between the Genal Valley and the Natural park Sierra de las Nieves. The light green tones from the chestnut trees alongside the contrasting darker green tones of the pinsapo and oak trees will give you the sensation you are forming part of a National Geographic documentary. If you have purchased or are thinking of purchasing a property in Ronda, we definitely recommend touring around the smaller towns around Ronda. One that we urge you to visit is Parauta, where you will enjoy movie-like green landscapes. Parauta is famous for its beautiful hikes and its incredible vegetation!

What to do in Parauta?

The variety in vegetation makes Parauta one of the most visited towns of the Serranía de Ronda. The amount of hiking routes will have you walking and exploring different places every single weekend! People go there to disconnect from their routinely lives and desire to submerge themselves in the gorgeous natural landscapes.

Some of these hiking routes, like Las Conejeras, that crosses the oak forest La Nava, or el Pico Torrecilla, that crosses the forest La Yedra, are just two examples. More and more, locals and people from further away like to escape and get lost in these forests. The most famous forest of all is the Enchanted Forest. It is a hiking route that starts in Parauta and ends in Cartajima. During the hike you will enjoy the smiling and welcoming faces of elves and other magical creatures that have been sculpted into the chestnut trees. It is an especially fun route to do with the little ones!

Some of the hikes include crossing the town Parauta, where you can enjoy the beautiful Arabic street. The pebbled streets, the enchanting alleys, the fresh and crystal clear water from the fountains will all have you in awe. If you get lost, worry not! You can ask any local and they will indicate the way.

Where to eat in Parauta?

After a long hike through the beautiful forests of Parauta, there is nothing better than a delicious and homemade meal from the local restaurant Anafe. If you hiked or are going to hike from Parauta to Igualeja, there is a mandatory stop at the restaurant El Nacimiento, where you can taste the traditional gastronomy, whilst you listen to the running water from the river Genal. You mustn’t leave Parauta without visiting the local cooperativa, where you can buy the best chestnuts and other sorts of nuts, honey, and the great sweets and desserts that are made with these local products.

Towns with the beauty and charm of Parauta will be waiting for you when you decide to buy a gorgeous finca in Ronda, Andalucía. If you have already encountered the property of your dreams and are ready to make the move, contact us by emailing or by calling +34 952895139 or complete the contact form down below. We will contact you to provide you with any information you might need.


Danielle Ernstsen | 20th November 2023