Why buy with Villas & Fincas

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Buying a property means investing a great deal of capital into a new adventure. This is a thrilling adventure! Also, it is a very big step in your life, so it is crucial you find a trusting partner that can guide you through the experience. In this guide, we will highlight our values, our experience and our services. 

Why choose Villas & Fincas as your partner?


  • Villas & Fincas was founded in 2001 by Oscar Ernstsen and Anita Schmidt, so we have over 20 years of experience in the Andalusian property market
  • We know all there is to know about the lifestyle and culture
  • We specialise in many different areas in Andalucia, both coastal and inland
  • We have an excellent selling track record and a myriad of happy clients
  • We can answer all your questions


  • We give every client individualised attention to meet specific needs
  • Our services go beyond what other agencies might offer to ensure a smooth buying process
  • We have a pre-sales service as well as a post-sales service
  • We have an extensive network of professionals

Professional Team

  • We are an open, welcoming and international team
  • We speak fluent English, Spanish, Dutch and German
  • We can make your Andalusian dreams come true

If you have any questions about our services, do not hesitate to contact us. You can reach us via this contact form.


Danielle Ernstsen | 14th March 2023