Information about Jaen

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Every day we have clients who want to fulfil the dream of having a finca with a productive olive grove , a hunting estate or a beautiful cortijo . One of the unknown areas for these purposes is Jaen. The province of Jaen is also known as “The Capital of olive oil”. Its location inland, between the coastal area and Madrid, provides the perfect climate to cultivate olives. Large estates are also more affordable here than closer to the coast.

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Living in Jaen

Jaen is the least known province in Andalusia yet has a lot to offer! Living in Jaen means surrounding yourself with history and beauty. It is the territory with the highest concentration of castles in all of Europe, so there will always be places to visit. Among its largest and most beautiful cities are Ubeda and Baeza, both declared World Heritage. This province is the gateway to Andalusia.  With on the north Ciudad Real and Madrid, at a 3 hours drive and  Cordoba at an hour and a half by car on the west. Towards the south, the city of Granada and its airport are located at 1 hour  by car. The city of Malaga and the coast are at a 2 hours distance. Jaen is a perfect place to enjoy the perfect balance between the authentic nature of Andalusia, the rich history of its cities and the proximity of the well known tourist centers, still at easy reach. Jaen provides the perfect environment for those who truely want to enjoy the Andalusian lifestyle!

The olive groves in Jaen

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Olive oil, or as it is called,  ‘liquid gold’, forms a solid base for Jaen’s culture and lifestyle. This region contributes  approximately 20% of the olive oil production worldwide and 50% of the Spanish olive oil production. The province has over 60 million olive trees. The main variety in Jaen is Picual, whose extra virgin oil of excellent quality is characterized by a slightly spicy, aromatic, bitter-fruity taste. If it comes from the early harvest, it presents aromas that remind us of the freshly cut grass, if it comes from ripe fruits instead, its aromas will remind of the fig trees and bananas.

Roughly, olive oil production can be divided in two types. The super-efficient intensive production for the more industrial market on the one hand, and the biological, boutique special blends on the other. Where the first is focusing on mass production, the second is focusing on special blends and flavours. Jaen hosts an international fair, EXPOLIVA that represents both.

Olive oil is a source of health and takes its greatest relevance in the gastronomy as it is the basis of the Mediterranean diet. It is the jewel of the gastronomy in Jaen, and among many others, we can taste it in typical dishes like “pipirrana or andrajos”. Visitable olive mills near Jaén:

– Cooperativa Virgen de la Capilla
Aceites Megarejo

Hunting in Jaen

Hunters find a splendid scenario for practicing their favorite sport in contact with the most unspoilt nature, in the province of Jaen. It is one of the Spanish provinces with many hectares for hunting. Therefore, each season the area welcomes thousands of hunters from all corners of Spain and various European countries. For big game there are deer, wild boar and also the trophy ‘cabra montes’. For smaller game, rabbit, hare, partridge and thrush. Only in Sierra Morena there are 140 big game hunting estates

Nature and Climate in Jaen

Jaen is a region of contrasts: steep mountain ranges with wild vegetation, on the one hand, and sloping farmland, mainly dedicated to the cultivation of olive trees, on the other.  That creates a rich and varied landscape with a singular beauty.  Jaen has the largest area of natural protected areas in Spain with 4 natural parks:

Natural Park Sierras de Cazorla, Segura y las Villas
Natural Park of Sierra Mágina
– Natural Park Sierra de Andujar
Natural Park Despeñaperros

In terms of climate, the winter is moderate. The average day time temperatures are around 13 degrees and at night it rarely falls below 2 degrees. Between autumn and spring there is abundant rainfall. Summer in Jaen is usually hot with maximum temperatures up to 40 degrees and with very little rain. During July and August the mountains areas are a pleasure to reside in. During the evening, the temperatures will drop and one can enjoy lovely evenings outside, making the most of the Andalusian lifestyle!

Anita Schmidt | 13th July 2017