A Guide to renting out Country Property in Andalusia

B&B Andalusia
casa rural andalusia
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Many clients owning a country house in Andalusia cover the running costs of the house by renting it out during the holiday season. Others came here to semi-retire and decided to set up a small B&B to share their experience of living on the countryside with clients and at the same time provide an income. The Junta de Andalucía is promoting Rural tourism, yet the rules are not always clear to everyone.

B&B Andalusia

Recently the Junta set boundaries for renting out private villas and houses in urban areas. This has not to be confused with the legislation for renting out properties on rustic land. Registration is also necessary yet the regulation is different.

Rental accomodation on the Andalusian countryside

The most common accomodation types on the Andalusian country side are the ‘Casa Rural’ or B&B, where rooms are rented out per night and the ‘Vivienda turística rural’ , Country houses, that are rented out for self catered holidays. A Casa Rural is set up as a proper business and would have to keep books, whereas renting out your private house is not seen as business, although you would have to declare rental income in your tax declaration.

In a casa rural you would also be allowed to provide other services. You could offer breakfast, or dinner, sell drinks, organize excursions and sell local products for example. Furthermore, a casa rural can function all year round, whereas renting out your private villa is limited to 90 days per year yet you can advertise it all year round.

Registering your rental accomodation

In the old days no-one really cared about registering their accomodation with the tourism department of the Junta de Andalucía, nowadays it is getting more important. Rental agents will require the registration number to advertise your property for example. It is not a complicated matter yet it requires an administrative process. You can follow this through yourself, downloading the forms from the virtual office , yet we would recommend you to hire an expert to do this for you. You can consult your lawyer or gestor to assist in this matter.

To accomodate our clients we have drawn up a more extensive guide in which the types and requirements are described in more detail. It also gives a better insight in the registration process and the fiscal consequences. You can request this guide sending an email to: sales@villasfincas.com .

Anita Schmidt | 26th May 2016