Information about Carmona

Carmona, Seville
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The old city of Carmona  is located at approximately 30 km from Seville. It is a delightful and beautiful city rich of monuments and history. The richness of the area is reflected in the stunning old Cortijos and country estates that you will find around the city. Farming and horsebreeding are still important activities on the outskirts of the town.

Built on a hill overlooking a large valley, the town lies at the foot of the majestic Sierra Morena mountain range. At the time of Julius Cesar it was one of the most important cities in Spain. You will find many remainders of the Roman presence as well as the Moorish presence as can be seen in the city walls, the squares and fountains that embellish the town. Finally, in 1247 Ferdinand III of Castile conquered the city, opening a breach in the defensive walls. Over time, churches, buildings and monasteries were built, turning Carmona into one of the nicest cities in Andalucia. To quote the Romans: As the morning star shines in the dawn, so shines Carmona in Andalucia!

The richness of the area is also reflected in the grand Cortijos (Andalusian farmhouses) that were built around the city. Some are completely refurbished into comfortable weekend homes or boutique hotels yet sometime you will find the original buildings with many authentic details waiting for a competent hand to be restored into it’s old glory.

Since Carmona is so close to Seville and its airport over the years many Sevillanas have decided to select this area to buy or build their weekend retreat, their ‘finca de recreo’ to escape the busy city and to enjoy country life.

Facilities and services in Carmona

Carmona has numerous shops and supermarkets and you will find all the basic services  as primary and secondary schools, doctors, dentists, pharmacies in the town. The nearest hospital is in Seville. In Seville you will also find a variety of international schools.

The town hall of Carmona also organizes many activities and it won’t be hard to join language classes ,  a cycle or hiking club.

Wining & Dining in Carmona

In the old town you will find many up market restaurants to enjoy an excellent meal. The parador in Carmona with its stunning location and views is worth mentioning in this perspective. Just outside the old town you will find numerous bars where the locals have their tapas or mid day meal. Maybe not as fancy but definitely just as good!

What to do in Carmona?

Carmona is known for its equestrian activities. There are many horse breeding farms in the area that show off their magnificent horses during Ferias and Romerias. The nearby mountains offer a fantastic scenery for hiking and biking and the ‘aficionados’ of hunting will also find their equals here. Carmona also has a theatre with an interesting program. With regards to culture you will have anything on your doorstep. If not in Carmona, then certainly in Seville!

Oscar Ernstsen | 10th October 2013