Horse Farm in Ronda, Andalucia

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Often, when people think about horse riding in Andalucia, Spain, Sevilla comes to mind. The equestrian culture in Sevilla is large and rich. However, it is not the only place of course. There are plentiful places that are surprisingly great for those who like to keep horses. Stay reading to find out why Ronda may just be the place to be if you want your own horse farm!

Horses & Ronda

Riding has been an activity that is almost just as ancient as humanity itself. For approximately 5.000 years humans have lived happily with these majestic creatures and have established beautiful bonds. Today, living in the equestrian world is also a sign of status. But the beauty is that everyone, with and without experience, can enjoy this country luxury.

When we say that everyone can enjoy this country activity, we mean that there are plentiful riding routes to discover the beautiful Andalusian countryside on horseback. There are countless trails for beginners and for more experienced riders.


What is essential for riding is one thing: space. And what does Ronda have? Lots of open space. The Serranía de Ronda is a beautiful open natural landscape where you can ride for days if you wanted to. So, wouldn’t it just be a dream come true if you could own your own horse farm in Ronda? If this is something you always wanted, then make sure you keep reading!

Horse Farm in Ronda

Today we want to present a non traditional horse farm. Typically, horse farms in Andalucia are traditional cortijos but what we have here is a spectacular modern villa in the countryside with an infinity pool, surrounded by lush gardens. It has a large olive grove that embraces the Andalusian villa and this is where it becomes interesting!


The olive grove is planted on flatter land, giving plentiful space for the horses to live freely in open air. Given that this villa is built on a plot of 66.615m2 your horses will live a happy life here. On this large plot it will be easy to build stables, with the right license. If, you prefer not to have your horses on your own land but want to live nearby, there is a very luxurious horse livery at just a 5 minute drive.

Everything is possible here! In Ronda there are countless riding trails so you will have a different, fun and adventurous activity for every week.


Just think about it, you can live comfortably in your modern villa in the gorgeous countryside of Ronda. You know already that Ronda is incredibly famous for its delicious wines! The land in Ronda is rich for grapevines, and wines are produced that have won prizes recognised on a world-wide basis. In Ronda itself and in the surrounding villages and towns like Arriate, you can purchase the most delicious cheeses, hams and sausages. This horse farm in Ronda is everything you desire!

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Danielle Ernstsen | 9th January 2024