Courtyards of Cordoba

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When we think of Cordoba, we think of history, architecture, gastronomy, culture and tradition. During the months of spring is the best time when you can experience the blend of culture and tradition. If you live in Andalusia or plan to visit during the spring months, definitely visit the courtyards of Cordoba! Hundreds of different colours and scents fully shower and embrace you!

The courtyards of Cordoba

We are going to take you back in time, to a tradition that dates back to Roman homes. Several neighbouring houses were built around an inner, centric courtyard. Did you know that the floors were made of pebbles or stone for a reason? They guarantee cooler temperatures around the houses during the summer! At the entrance to the house, a hallway gave access to the courtyard with the communal areas (kitchen, laundry room and toilet).

The courtyards were especially designed to be the centre of family life and a place to enjoy life together. As a common element in all of them, you will see whitewashed walls and flower pots hanging on the patio walls. A palette of colours is provided by all kinds of plants and flowers. Jasmines, ferns, gipsies, geraniums, hydrangeas, orange and lemon trees on espaliers….

A beautiful tradition

The courtyards of Cordoba can be visited all year round. Nevertheless, May is the most spectacular time to visit because it is when the Festival of the Cordoba Courtyards is held. Furthermore, it is also when they look their absolute best. The tradition that we speak of is represented in this sculpture of a grandfather handing a flowerpot to his grandson. It symbolises the succession of the tradition of the courtyards of Cordoba. This is Andalusia at its best: a combination of tradition and culture that blend together in the daily life of its inhabitants. This beautiful tradition is just one of the aspects that form the Andalusian lifestyle.


Where to eat in Cordoba?

You can’t visit the courtyards of Cordoba without enjoying a meal at Casa Pepe de La Judería or Bodega Campos. Here too, and in their dishes, you will find a combination of tradition and culture. Recipes and ingredients passed down from grandparents to children and grandchildren, which today allow us to enjoy delicacies today. Like a delicious salmorejo from Cordoba, or a delicious oxtail, or some flamenquines or an exquisite Iberian ham from Los Pedroches. And to top it all off, a slice of Córdoba cake.

Properties in Cordoba

Many properties on the countryside embrace the Andalusian tradition of presenting potted flowers on their terraces. Today we highlight this country house in Iznájar, where you will find plants in gorgeous pots in everywhere. The flowers brighten up and give life to the property. Also, mature olive trees surround this home. Finally, the overlooking views of the reservoir make the perfect recipe to relax and enjoy the Andalusian lifestyle.


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Aurelia Pérez Romo | 18th May 2023