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Moving to Spain

Frequently people consider leaving everything behind to emigrate to another country, to a warmer climate, to a more relaxed lifestyle, to live a new experience. Most of us just go on dreaming about it, but some actually do it! Like us! In Agust 2001 we left Holland with our 3 daughter (then 5, 3 and 1 years old) to live in Andalusia, Spain. In this Blog we write about this past adventure and how we slowly built up a new life in Spain.

8. Integrating in Andalusia

We’ve taken a new step in the integration process : Nienke has announced that she would like to invite a friend to play at our house . Could we ask Marta? In the Netherlands it is quite common to ask a friend to come and play. Would that be the same in our white mountain village Casares?

7. How do kids learn Spanish?

Children pick up a new language easily is always said. Our experience is slightly different! Especially if the child in question does not want to make mistakes, and afraid to be laughed at! If adults go to Spain, they can prepare themselves and take language classes. Small children are thrown in at the deep end!

5. The Spanish nursery school: The ‘Guardería’

I have to prepare myself yet again for the next hurdle in my new Spanish life. This time with my middle daughter Danielle (3yrs old at the time) who will attend the local nursery. A little different from the to the bone organized nursery in Holland I have to say. But no less fun right?

4. Mum’s first day in a Spanish school

Visiting the information morning for parents in Nienkes new school I know exactly how my oldest daughter of 5 is going to feel tomorrow! I don’t understand a thing they are discussing, I get a raving headache of all the mums talking together with their sharp voices, not waiting turns. And this classroom is an acoustic disgrace!

3. Hooray! We found a Finca in Casares

Frankly, I began to wonder why I left the Netherlands! My dream was to live on the Andalusian countryside, on a beautiful authentic finca, surrounded by  olive trees, and space! And now I am wearing my days in a tiny  apartment. That’s not at all what I expected. …But then

2. Feria in Manilva

Freshly arrived in Andalusia we immersed ourselves in the Spanish culture. Feria! In other words, party-time! And the Spaniards know how to party… But what about us Dutchmen ? One thing is certain, our first Feria experience left us astonished. No ’cultural integration course’ could have prepared us for this event!