Information about Alozaina

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In 1977, Alozaina was recognized as one of the most beautiful towns in Spain with its enticing rural countryside and decorative streets. The mountains and the natural scenery of the great outdoors, provide a calm and relaxing environment, ideal for a rural getaway or a tranquil family home!

Alozaina is set in the foothills of the spectacular Sierra de las Nieves. A beautiful mountain range that forms part of the Serranía de Ronda ranges, located near Ronda inland from the Costa del Sol. The Sierra de las Nieves offers mesmerizing views of a unique landscape full of impressive shafts and caves, full of oak and fir tree. On the Sierra Pietra slopes, one of the most outstanding places is the “Ventanilla” window. This has been recognized and valued for its beauty. Alozaina is one of the eight “pueblos blancos” that “guard the Sierra de las Nieves”.


Alozaina has just under 3000 inhabitants. It is known for its 1950’s arch at the entrance of the town and the Santa Ana church. The most outstanding part of this is the front, where you can see an inscription in tiles that recalls the conquest of the town in 1484. In addition, the María Sagredo Castle, dated from the 15th century, has a beautiful lookout over the mountains. The name Alozaina comes from Arabic, and comes from the original “Alhosaina” or “Altazaina”, which means small castle. Other studies divide the word in “Alto” or “Alho”, which is translated in to Small Mountain. And “Zaina”, which means airy, healthy for the body. Which is not surprising gathering that the whole of the countryside is covered with olive groves, avocados, mangos, and lots of other citrus trees and crop.

What to do in Alozaina?

Alozaina is a classic Andalusian white village, full of pretty streets and lovely neighbours. It has held on to its wholesomeness over the years. The older people sat in the town square playing dominos and cards. People sat in their doorways chatting to the neighbours “al fresco” of the night time. Plentiful tapas, bodegas and beers. This to many people sounds wonderful fulltime, for others it’s an escape from reality. The main sight to see in Alozaina is the María Sagredo Tower, which has a beautiful lookout on to the mountain views.


To take advantage of the immense countryside, there are hiking trails through the Sierra de las Nieves mountains and country walks. Also Neolithic settlements and roman ruins. Sports, biological reserve, and much more.

Maybe even plan the perfect day out for everyone, at under an hour away from Alozaina is the Caminito del Rey!

Location and Gastronomy

Customers can do their shopping at the local butchers and bakeries in Alozaina. There are also little supermarkets for the neccesities. It is only 20-30 minutes away from the surrounding villages. Much as only 55 minutes to Málaga and an hour to Ronda.

Futhermore, the gastronomy offers varieties such as “Conejo al Ajillo o con tomate” rabbit with garlic or in tomato sauce, “gazpachuelo” typical Spanish soup. Most noteworthy, the importance of the great gastronomic recognition of the seasoned olives. Take a time out to appreciate good food with amazing views at the Mirador de las Nieves, one of the top restaurants in town!


Therefore, if you are looking to own a spectacular villa the middle of the mountains countryside, have your own crop of olives, mangos, etc. A modern country house with amazing views everywhere you look, Alozaina is the ideal place for it!

Danielle Ernstsen | 14th March 2023