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Five reasons to visit Casares next weekend

Although Casares is worth a visit every weekend, the weekend of the 17th and 18th of April 2015 is going to be extra special, so don’t miss out! This weekend you can enjoy to wander around this authentic Andalusian village, climb the Sierra Crestellina, learn the local dance ‘the Fandango’ taste the delicious local dishes and finish off with a Flamenco evening in the local Discoteque.

white village Casares Andalusia

1. Wandering through the village
The villagers have been invited to decorate their streets and alleys with flower pots so wandering thorugh all these tiny alleys, up and down the mountain will be a joy! Don’t forget to visit the castle area to enjoy the spectacular views from the drop behind the casle on the top of the village.

2. Climb the Sierra Crestellina
Are you looking for a little bit more adventure to start your day? Climb the peak of the Sierra Crestellina, the mountain located behind the village of Casares. You can find the instruction on this page. And if you would like a peak preview? open this video!

3. Learn the ‘Fandango Casareño’
Sunday the 19th at 5pm the local Flamenco dance school will give a free workshop. OK, you have to be brave to participate, yet it will give you a perfect insight in some basics of Flamenco dancing. This particular dance has been choreographed many years ago and was performed every year again at the local festivities as the Romerías and Ferias. Give it a go!

4. Taste the delicious local dishes
All the bars and restaurants participate in a Tapas-route and they will prepare special menu’s and dishes for you to taste all the local delicacies. On the square, on top of the covered car park, a tent will be placed where some special chefs will prepare the most delicious dishes as ‘baby goat, gazpacho Casareño, but also the famous Casares cheese and bread for example.

5. Dancing with ‘El Compas’ in the disco
Saturday the 18th of April, from 11pm onwards, you can finish the evening off with a night out in the town! It will be an evening for young and old together. I great experience to learn how to dance a rumba or even maybe a tango. Just join the crowd!

Anita Schmidt 13-04-2015 Living in Andalusia

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