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Easter Holiday House in Casares

The temperatures were rising up to 28ºC in Andalusia, this week. It felt almost like summer. Our clients were enjoying their holiday house in Casares, combining their stay in the mountains with lazy afternoons on the beach.

Beach La Sal Casares

This is why our clients buy country properties with us! In Northern Europe the weather was aweful and here at the Costa del Sol we have had a fantastic week of sunshine and temperatures in between 25º and 30ºC. Perfect to spend a week or two in your holiday house! Semana Santa, the Holy Week, attracted a lot of visitors again. Not only to wittness the impressive processions in for example Málaga, Sevilla or Córdoba, no, also to relax and enjoy a lazy afternoon on the beach, a lovely meal in a chiringuito, or a hack through the mountains.

Although this is a busy week for us as estate agents as well, with many clients visiting, I did get the chance to take a few afternoons off. And yes, I have to admitt, this is also one of the reasons why we moved down to Casares. Can you imagine? Coming back from work around 2pm in the afternoon, picking up the kids who prepared a picknick lunch and driving down to the beach, which is just 10 minutes away. Divine!

Today, Holy Friday, is a Spanish holiday and we closed the office too. One important thing we have learned from the Andalusians is to enjoy life while you can. Tonight we will join them in the procession in the village of Casares. It has become a yearly tradition, followed by drinks and tapas in one of the many bars on the main sqare.

Anita Schmidt 03-04-2015 Living in Andalusia

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