Finest Luxury country estates in Andalusia

Winter views in Casares, Andalusia, Spain

Winter has nearly arrived in Casares and yes, at night it can get a little bit chilly in our house in the mountains. However, temperatures during the day still rise to 20 degrees on a sunny day and the views at this time of the year are breathtaking. The crisp clear sky makes that you can see miles away. The Atlas mountains seem around the corner and I cannot remember to have seen such a long streched strip of mountains on the Maroccan coastline. We’ve tried to grasp this scenery with a drone flight .

House hunting in Casares?

If you are house hunting in the area and looking for privacy, a natural setting and a spectacular view, Casares is not to be missed. I will feature just one today, reference nmb 186-00470p . Waking up in the morning at sunrise the sky will slowly change in colour from a dark red into violet and pink. A breathtaking scenery. This particular house I think has one of the best positions to experience this spectacle!

Country house Casares

It is a comfortable 3 bed, 2 bath villa on a 10.000 m2 plot of land in the mountains. Surrounded by nature and blessed with the most amazing views wherever you are in the house. The current owner bought the house, half finished, approximately 15 years ago. Being in the diplomatic service the family had been travelling to several countries and were  looking for a home to live after retirement. The first years it was used as a holiday house and many happy vacacions were spent here. Later on it was converted into a permanent residence. It was never their intention to sell the house again. It was bought to enjoy the Andalusian life style and to happily grow old here. However no-one can foresee the future and unexpected circumstances made them decide otherwise.

Anita Schmidt 11-12-2014 Living in Andalusia