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Energy Label obligatory when selling a country property

Probably in November 2012 a new’ Decreto Real’ will be published, obliging house owners to provide an energy label when they sell or rent their house. The regulation comes from the EC and most EC countries have applied this accordingly. Spain has untill the 1st of January 2013 to adjust the law to this regulation. The Decreto will affect all rustic and country properties in Andalusia as well.

It is not clear yet whether there will be a period of adaptation. In June 2012 a preliminary text was published, now we’re awaiting the final version. Following the European guideline the energy label has to accompany every house that comes to the market and a notary cannot draw up a new deed for a house lacking this label. Everyone is hoping however that the Decreto will count with a adaptation period to give house owners the possibility to get their case together.  The energy label will be based on a certificate drawn up by a certified technical expert whom, with the help of a computer program, that scales the house based on their energy efficiency.Rating A represents the most energy efficient house, whereas rating G represents the least efficient house.


Up till now this was only required for new built projects and public buildings. The EC however commands that every building that comes to the market counts with an energy label. Aim of this regulation is to visualize and reward those owners who invested in energy efficient measures. Most definitely a higher rating will justify a higher selling price whereas a low rating will put pressure on the selling price.

Scaling and recommendations

The scaling is based on the environmental efficiency of multiple factors. The technical surveyor will take into account factors as the insulation of floors, walls and roof, type of materials used, the installations for heating and cooling, hot water systems etc. . Costs for the certificate are not clear yet. It is said that it amounts around 250€ for a 150 m2 house. Villas & Fincas is in contact with several certified technicians to negotiate the best price for our clients. Our intention is to offer vendors not only the service of certifying, we will also provide plans to improve the rating if necessary.

Oscar Ernstsen 13-11-2012 Villas & Fincas News