A majestic hacienda in Granada, Andalusia

hacienda in Granada Andalusia
hacienda in Granada
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John and Kate* are the proud owners of a majestic hacienda in Granada, Andalusia. When visiting friends in the Lecrin Valley, some 15 years ago, they instantly fell in love with the area. Right there and then they decided to start the adventure that made it possible to live their dream. This stunning nature, the fertile land, the impressive mountains, this is where they wanted to be!

hacienda in Granada Andalusia

Kate still clearly remembers to walk up to the large pine tree that marks the view from their home, the hacienda in Granada. They had just signed over the property and had arranged a meeting with the architect on the plot. Walking down there, they wondered where this humming sound came from. Underneath the tree there must have been over a 100 beehives! What on earth is happening here? They looked at each other in despair. Wasn’t this supposed the be their land? Who put these hives here? That question was anwered quickly as the beekeeper, in his protective clothing with hat and veil, and covered in bees, walked up to them with a large jar of fresh and warm honey!

A Hacienda in Granada, Andalusia

After their retirement of jobs in education, the idea was to spend their days in Cambridge, where they own a house on the river. Restless however, they were drawn to the U.S., where they stayed some time in Florida, on the Keys. It was when they visited friends, who were taking on the maintenance of several properties in El Valle, when everything came together. They fell in love with the mountains, the almond trees, the fresh breeze and the tranquility. But also with the beaches of la Herradura and the city of Granada. The proximity of these made El Valle an ideal spot to build their dream. At first they bought a piece of land with an old olive and almond grove. Later on, the adjoining piece of land, with an impressive, ancient old pine tree, came for sale. They did not hesitate one second. This was it!

John and Kate knew exactly what they wanted. Their dream was to build a home, inspired by the design of the authentic haciendas. A home where they could invite friend, and organize events, to support the charities they cared for. They had seen an old hacienda in the province of Granada that served as an example for their architect. The tower, the pebbled courtyard and the antique bell where indispensable elements that had to be incorporated. Furthermore they were adament that the building needed to blend into the environment, mainly constructed on one floor and the walls should be stone washed.

old hacienda andalusia

The inspiration!

The hacienda, a home for family, friends and charities

The land was bought in 2005. In 2006 the building started and finally in 2008 it was finished. Although, finished? The electricity connection was not in place yet. John and Kate decided however to move in and start operating with a generator. In the end it took them untill 2010 to get the mains electricity installed. And by that time, the hacienda was long in full function. It served their purpose perfectly! The hacienda is built in the traditional U-shape. The central part is in use as John and Kate’s private quarters, with a large living, dining, an open kitchen and, on the first floor an amazing master bedroom with dressing and luxurious bathroom. The right wing contains 5 large and beautifully designed guest bedrooms and the left wing is the large salon for events. Here many recitals have taken place, as well as auctions, art exhibitions and even flamenco shows. All contributing to various charities. To name a few: an orphanage in Casablanca, supporting young families in Durcal, covering the travel expenses of a Japanese Flamenco group and many, many more .

A new era for the hacienda in Granada

For nearly 10 years John and Kate have been living their dream. The adventure started with a plot of land and a jar of honey.  It turned into a majestic hacienda, a home for the family and a resource for those in need. Now the time has come to pass on the dreams. With family and grandchildren living in different parts of the world John and Kate want to free up more time for traveling. The hard work has been done! It is time to hand over the batton to a new owner, to fulfill their dreams! For more information on this project, please do not hesitate to contact us at anita@villasfincas.com or call us during office hours at 0034 952895139.

*To protect the identity of the owners we have used fake names.

Anita Schmidt | 6th February 2017