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Hunting estates Cortijo for sale in Antequera.

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Hunting estates for sale in Antequera (Cortijos)

Here you will find exclusive cortijos and haciendas with hunting grounds. It represents a fine selection of shooting estates in Andalusia. The stunning countryside offers possibilities for big or small game shooting. The larger estates have to maintain the population of deer, wild boar and sometimes mouflon and organize once or twice a year a hunting party. The smaller estates focus on the small game shooting of mainly rabbits, hare and partridges.

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Antequera, Big game shooting estate with Cortijo

Antequera, Big game shooting estate with Cortijo

2.995.000 | Ref. 186-00554P
  • 33 beds
  • 13 baths
  • 1.000 m² built
  • 3.000.000 m² plot

Big game shooting or hunting estate near Antequera, Andalusia. The finca has 300 hectares and is inhabited by deer, mouflon and wild boar. completely fenced. The country property is currently in use as a...