Grosses Dorfhaus mit Pool, Gaucin

Large Village house with 5 bedrooms in Gaucin, Andalucia. The property was built in the 18th c. by the Discalced Carmelites, as part of their monastery. The Carmelite monastery was expropriated by the government in the mid-19th century and the house devolved into private ownership. The house had three levels: the ancient ground floor factory level, the street level dwelling (where, in the early 20th century, the Mayor lived,) and the second storey, an attic, where foodstuffs were stored. When the property was purchased by the current owner in 1999 the house was a ruin, not having been inhabited for 20 years, and having functioned as a saw-mill at the end. (Gaucin is in a heavily wooded area of cork oaks and chestnuts, and the wood industry continues in the area.) The roof was falling in and only a few of the beautiful old caustic tiles from the street level dwelling could be salvaged. There were no windows at all on the south side of the house, where lies its intercontinental view, and the sun in winter. Bandits infested the region until the mid-20th century, and householders didn’t want to advertise their presence with lit windows to unfriendly bandidos lurking in the brush. The house was torn down to the street level, and a new floor poured, rendering decorative the incredible beamed ceiling on the ground floor below. Thus, the street level and the second storey are new construction, though the traditional style has been scrupulously retained. The roof, the interior walls, all plumbing and electrical installations, and central heating, were made totally new in 2001. Very noteworthy is the 70m 3-car garage which opens onto the laundry room and into the kitchen on the lower level. Today the house has 3 kitchens, 6 bathrooms, 5 bedrooms, a heated/covered pool & a 3-car garage with a gym area. There is a separate service entrance from the street down to the lower floor and the garage. Built area: 872.51m2 plus 228.90m2 terrace-garden and 70m2 garage for a total of 1,171.41m2.

The house has 3 floors, all independent. The upper floor is an ideal rental unit, or "mother-in-law" unit. The lower floor would make an ideal restaurant as it has a separate entrance. The middle street level is a self-contained apartment. There are panoramic views of the countryside, Gibraltar, the Straits and Morocco on all levels. The upper floor consists of a living room, kitchen, dining area, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a covered terrace. The ground floor has a formal entryway leading to all 3 self-contained units. The ground floor unit consists of a library, living room, dining room, kitchen, office, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. The lower floor consists of a bar, TV room, kitchen, a living room, bed niche, bathroom, dining room, conservatory, laundry room with door to garage and a large terrace. Pool Terrace from the lower level terrace a stairway leads down to the heated, covered swimming pool with shower/changing room and terrace. The house has mains electricity, water, telephone.

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