Entzückendes Landhaus, Cortijo, Granada

Entzückendes Landhaus, Cortijo zu verkaufen in Pinos Puente, Granada, Hinterland Andalusien.

Large Cortijo in the Pinos Puente area, near Granada, Andalusia. This property is dating back to the XI century, when there was a Hostel in the Moorish period, the Muslim Nasarí dynasty. The property itself was part of the stables. Later the area became a small village, called Alitaje witch is currently a monument. Main activity was the tobacco plantage, olive oil production and cereals. The property had renovations throughout the centuries. There are details from the 11-century, the XIV century and the French styled living room from a century ago. The property is partly renovated and has 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, large kitchen, storerooms, and stables. Large pool area with terraces, spacious courtyard with water feature like the Generalife in Granada. Rest of the property still needs renovations. It has a potential to create a rural hotel from the stables and garages. There is even an old arched water deposit that could be turned into a bodega. Next to the property is 5000m2 flat land with a professional greenhouse. There are panoramical views to the Sierra Nevada, only 13 Km from the capital Granada. On approximately 1 km there will be a new railway built, not affecting the property and it’s historical charm. The property has main electricity, excellent water from a well, ADSL telephone line. Central heating with radiators generated by a bio mass burner.

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