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Growing interest in Country Properties in Andalusia

January 2015 hasn’t given Villas & Fincas a period of rest. Enquiries on country properties keep coming in and the web scores twice as many visitors as the year before. We see are large variety of clients, from different nationalities, who want to fulfil the dream to live a better life in Andalusia.

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For the country property market in Andalusia, 2014 has been a record sales year! Property prices on the Andalusian countryside have stabilized and the exclusive market is leading the recovery. We notice a strong confidence in the Spanish economy from foreign investors and would like to invite you to Andalusia in 2015. Re-write your goals, it is time to celebrate life!

Renting out your country villa in Andalusia

Buying a country property in Andalusia, using it as a holiday house for your family and friends and offering it for holiday lets in the remaining periods is definitely a new trend. In this blog we will highlight some ‘best practices’ in the area of Casares and Gaucín.

Obtain residency in Spain

In October 2013 the so called ‘Golden Visa law’ has been approved which offers residency permits for non European purchasers that invest 500.000€ or more in Spain. So if you are investing over 500.000€ in Country property in Andalusia, the Spanish government will make it fairly easy for you to reside here.

Country property market in Andalusia has bottomed out

2013 has almost come to an end. We hope you can relax to focus on what 2014 will bring and should bring! For sure we wish for good health, less turbulence in the worldwide politics, reasonable and more flexible laws regarding the housing market in Andalusia and last but not least an improved bank system so more people can afford to live their dream in beautiful Andalusia.

Is your country property legal?

Since the famous LOUA (urban planning law) for Andalusia was published in 2002 building on the countryside has been severely restricted. Over the years many amendments and regulations have been added to explain how the law needs to be executed. For properties on rustic land (suelo no urbanizable) this has rather large implications.