Finest Luxury country estates in Andalusia

Living in Andalusia

Gaucin, a magical place to live

The beautiful whitewashed village of Gaucin has always attracted a special crowd of people.  To quote The Olive Press: It has a special ‘zing’ that other villages just haven’t got. Gaucin is one of Andalucia’s most scenic towns, unspoilt and known as the Balcony of the Serranía de Ronda, it provides you with the most […]

This Cortijo oozes Andalusia

The Andalucian government has published some beautiful catalogs describing the most important agricultural buildings, better known as Cortijos or Haciendas, in the various provinces. These stunning books not only picture the most interesting agricultural buildings but also give a clear  insight of life on the country side throughout the history. In the Granada catalog appears  Cortijo […]

Vineyards and wineries in Andalusia

Nobody knows when wine-making was first introduced to Andalusia. It could have been brought there by the Greeks 2,500 years ago or even earlier, by seafaring Phoenician traders from the east. What we do know for sure is that by the time of the Romans……

Who pays the bill in a white village in Andalusia?

On a European level it’s considerably debated: Should Germany, Holland, or France pay the Spanish bill? Should they take responsibility for Spain’s Governments deficit? I hear my fellow countrymen (the Dutch) moaning every day: Can’t the Spanish take better care of their finances? Can’t they match earnings with expenses? Hmm, Rajoy, the …..

Living in the middle of nature

After living in London, Amsterdam and Los Angeles and travelling over the world, Ian and Melissa found this oasis of peace and quiet and couldn’t resist. They fell in love and bought this finca in Casares, Andalusia, to live in the middle of nature, surrounded by friendly farmers. They chose for a simpler lifestyle under […]