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Carnival in Andalusia, The perfect way to integrate!

All over Andalucía, even in small towns such as Casares, Manilva or Gaucín, carnival is celebrated. The most famous carnival takes place in the city of Cádiz, prominent for its joyful parades, the hilarious social critics through acts, and the lovely food. Even though this is the crème de la crème, the rest of the carnivals are marvellous as well. I have assisted to the Casares carnival, which was completed through parades, acts and a party in the local disco. It took place on the 1st of March with both activities and events for children, adolescents, parents and grandparents.

Carnival in Cadiz

Carnival in Casares

Up in the white village of Casares, Spanish parties are celebrated with the same spirit as in the big cities. It might not be of the same size, and with as many people, but this is the good thing about these towns! Everyone knows each other, so you’ll be guarded and protected as well as having fun with your neighbours! From living in Spain for nearly 13 years I have experienced how integrating within their culture is easier than it seems!

The town hall organised a small parade and games for children, and at night (11pm) the parade started for the adults. It was therefore a perfect day for everyone in town! Spanish carnival is quite entertaining. I can’t compare it to any other, but I can assure you that it will be a day to remember. Groups performing, maybe you’ll meet a group doing a chirigota (a song which criticises the society) and you will meet the Spaniards at the best of their moments

Nienke Ernstsen 06-03-2014 Living in Andalusia