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Property market recovery in Andalusia

Various signals indicate that the property market in Spain is recovering. We at Villas & Fincas country properties have certainly noticed an increase of visitors on our website with over 30%, the actual inquiries on properties have gone up with an average of 25% comparing the same period in 2012. These increases are also reflected in the actual sales. The recovery is also confirmed by several of our collegues on the Costa del Sol.

Country villas sold

As said, our experience is supported by our collegues at the coast and also by various reports in Spanish Property Insight. In one of their articles they state that the falling unemployment rate could set stage for the property market recovery as has happened in the US and Ireland before. Furthermore is stated in Mark Stucklin’s Blog that the foreigners drive the demand for homes on the Costa del Sol.

Sales went up with 33% according to the figures the notaries have provided to the regional authoraties. The Brittish still form the biggest group of buyers, followed by the Swedish, the Belgiums, the Norwegians and the French. In sales we completely agree with these figures. We also notice a growing interest and confidence from the internal Spanish market again although this has to be effectuated in sales yet.

Oscar Ernstsen 12-11-2013 Villas & Fincas News