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Home Staging, preparing your house to sell

Prepare your house to sell

Prepare your house to sell

Over the last months we’ve noticed an increase of interest from clients of Northern Europe to purchase houses in Andalusia. At least for Country Properties the market seems to be picking up. The adjusted selling prices for country houses in Casares, Gaucin, Ronda, Vejer de la Frontera and generally inland Andalusia have reached a level that generates interest again! Quality houses on prime positions are selling. Yet we cannot emphasize enough to please take the purchaser serious and prepare your house to sell. Make sure your house looks smashing, don’t get behind on maintenance and de-clutter! It is not easy to look at your own house through the eyes of a future purchaser.

What is home staging?

Home Staging Marbella offers you exactly this service. By optimizing furnishings, lighting and décor they turn your home into an attractive product which appeals to a wide range of clients. Johanna Mayrhofer, one of the founders of Home Staging Marbella says: “We help to discover the solutions that realize an optimal house presentation. It may be anything, from tidying up and thinning out to major furniture and design overhaul. Techniques in home staging will help your home stand out amongst the crowd.It involves neutralizing & updating decor as well as de-personalizing so that a potential buyer can visualize their family living in the house. Remember, buyer shop logically, but they buy emotionally. Home Staging Marbella will bring an objective eye to evaluate your property. We look through the eyes of the prospect purchaser.  Johanna emphasizes that homestaging your house doesn’t have to be expensive. In most of the cases it is not even necessary to buy expensive furniture or decorative items but it’s a matter of rearranging, re- organizing and adding little details here and there.

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Is it expensive?

Home Staging Marbella offers her services starting at aflat rate of 119€ for a detailed advice list. We however would advice to contract at least the day session to get the stagers involved in effectuating  the necesary changes. If you’re up for it, they can also offer comprehensive staging services and take care of everything needed to get a home ready to sell. Interested?  contact per email: or call (+34) 699 316394

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